Crisis and Risk

But.. We Already Do Risk Management


"A ship is safe in the Harbor, but that is not what a ship is for"   William Shedd

Most corporations will tell you  "We already do risk management".  

While this may be true, organizations are forced to manage risk in functional silos, unable to see the interconnected nature of multiple risk events.  Risk management is often seen as a back-office function, limited to periodic assessments that are not integrated with the corporation’s strategic and operational planning.

Let’s Face It - Certain aspects of risk management run counter to human behavior.  While managers are eager to talk about favorable results and success, they are less likely to discuss actual or potential losses that affect their business.  Problems are considered managerial failures to which risk management draws unwanted attention.   

The Blackstone Inc. Approach

There has been a paradigm shift in how we approach crisis and risk management planning.  Blackstone Inc. is a global management consulting firm, specializing in critical program analysis, risk, crisis and emergency management preparedness.  Our goal is to improve the organization's response to a crisis event.

It is important that Crisis and Risk Planning should become a part of the organizational strategy and vision.  Blackstone Inc. provides crisis and risk management analysis to Fortune 500 corporations, major legal firms, high level law enforcement agencies, the U.S. intelligence community and numerous federal and state government law enforcement agencies.

Managing Risks

Recent events throughout the world have adjusted corporate views on issues affecting the workplace, and its costly effect to a company because of:

  • Catastrophic Events (Acts of Man, Acts of Nature)
  • Medical and Psychiatric Care, 
  • Potential Liability Suits, 
  • Disruption of Services & Production, 
  • Loss of Productivity, 
  • Repair & Cleanup, 
  • Higher Insurance Costs, 
  • Increased Security Measures,  
  • Death or Injury, in some cases

The Blackstone Inc. Team believes Crisis and Risk Management Planning is about managing and forecasting a crisis event, planning for contingencies by preventing them whenever possible, managing their effects when they cannot be prevented and implementing procedures that provide for resumption of business operations as expediently and economically as possible. 

Best Practices

While some organizations may not see the need for creating a Best Practices Program to reduce or eliminate risks, Blackstone Inc. believes, when Strategic Planning and Crisis & Risk Assessment Management come together, it equips its clients with Twenty-first century business survival skills by Managing and Controlling Risks.  

Blackstone Inc. ensures that it clients maintain a Crisis & Risk Recovery Best Practices Plan with distinct procedures for:

  • Identifying Threats and 
  • Possible Events and Likelihoods, 
  • Identifying Risk Levels, 
  • Prioritizing Risks, 
  • Identifying Resolution Strategies, and 
  • Resolving the Crisis Threat  

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